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Gold Pick Member for a Month– Only $5!

by Ben Clark April 02, 2020 2 Comments

Gold Pick Member for a Month– Only $5!


I know things are tough right now for lots of folks. Music lifts the spirit, and I want everyone to have an opportunity to learn. So for the month of April I'd like to offer the first month of a Gold Pick subscription for only $5 to new members! 

I hope you'll come join us! We have such a wonderful community on the site's forum, where we help each other in our journey (and laugh a lot!).

Remember, Gold Pick members have access to HUNDREDS of lessons! New members can join for only $5 in the month of April. Note: the membership will auto-renew at the normal $25 rate 30 days after you purchase, but you can of course cancel at any time. 

This offer is only available in the month of April for new members, so I hope you'll take advantage of it and join the great community at! 

You can sign up HERE

Enter this code at checkout: 5FORALL

To learn more about the site click HERE

If you have any questions, please contact support HERE

Ben Clark
Ben Clark

2 Responses

Skip McIntyre
Skip McIntyre

April 06, 2020

Mark my wife is a doxtor dealing everyday with hundreds of the sick…even during the tornado that killed many here …God delivered us…everyday i ask God for her protection….may i suggest something…as a bussiness man….instead of offering a free month subscription…offer a years subscription at a greatly reduced proce…you will be blessed for it in many ways….better to have some rhan not at all….do it for a short time see what happens

Mark Finch
Mark Finch

April 05, 2020

We’re praying for y’all and thank you for all you do. My wife and I are still working, Amy is a teacher and I’m a Maintenance Facility Mgr. at First Presbyterian Church here in San Angelo, TX. Praise God for all of our safety and for what you do.

Stay strong, we love y’all.
Mark Finch & Family

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