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Banjo Ben's Teach Me Somethin' Contest!

by Michael Mark September 07, 2023 1 Comment

Banjo Ben's Teach Me Somethin' Contest!

I've been teaching folks to play music for over 20 it's time to turn the tables and let me take a lesson from YOU! In the spirit of headin’ back to school, I'm hosting Banjo Ben’s Teach Me Somethin’ Contest.

That’s right, you’re not the student – you’re the TEACHER!

Your job: create a one-minute YouTube video teaching anything you like on banjo, guitar, or mandolin. Got a favorite lick or trick? A practice technique you’ve been dying to share? A regular old concept you can make entertaining? I want you to get creative! You don’t need to be the hottest picker in town, either – I’m judging your writing, delivery, and entertainment. I'm excited for this!

Oh, and I’m not the only judge…my friends and teachers extraordinaire Kenny Smith and David Benedict are joining me to help judge this contest, and we’ve got some sweet prizes for y’all.

Sound cool? Watch this video and read the full details below!


  • Record a 1 minute (or less) banjo, guitar, or mandolin lesson.

    • You must include your name in the video and specify it is your entry to Banjo Ben’s Teach Me Something Contest

    • Your YouTube video title must include the hashtag #bbteachme

    • Your video must be 60 seconds or shorter in length

    • Can be recorded with phone or camera, orientation does not matter.

  • Upload your video to YouTube and post the link in the contest forum thread HERE. You’re entered!

For inspiration or ideas, you can look at my YouTube Shorts, where I teach content in under 1 minute. You do NOT have to do what I do there, but it may serve as a helpful format for you.


  • Thursday, Sept. 7: Contest opens & submissions begin
  • Thursday, Sept 21: Contest ends at midnight, central time (vids must be posted in forum before midnight!)
  • Thursday, Sept. 28: Banjo Ben, Kenny Smith, & David Benedict go live at 7pm central to announce category & grand prize winners!


  • Submissions will be judged on:

    • Teacher’s ability to communicate material clearly

    • Watchability

    • Creative content

    • Motivational value

    • Entertainment value


  • The winner of each instrument category will receive a one-hour private lesson with their respective judge: Banjo Ben, Kenny Smith, & David Benedict!

  • Winner of the overall category will receive a one-hour private lesson with the judge of their choice, a 1-year Gold Pick Membership ($250 value), AND a $250 gift card to the Banjo Ben General Store!

  • More surprise prizes to be announced as we go!


  • Record a 1 minute or less instructional vid and upload to youtube with hashtag #bbteachme in the title
  • Post that youtube URL on the forum thread here

I'm so excited for this contest and I know many of you will be, too! Y’all ready? Teach me somethin’!


  • You do not have to be a Gold Pick member to enter.
  • You need at least a free Silver Pick account to be able to post your YouTube submission in the contest forum thread.
  • If international, winner/s must pay shipping and taxes on any physical prize items.
  • If grand prize winner is already a Gold Pick member, they are able to gift the annual membership to someone or trade it in for an additional General Store Gift Card worth $100.
  • Upon submission, all contest entrants agree for Banjo Ben to use their submission in whatever way he may need, including sharing on social media, emails, & more. Your name and general location may be shared, as well as your YouTube channel.
  • One video submission per person.
  • No profanity or vulgarity allowed.
  • No videos over 60 seconds allowed.
  • Deadline for submissions to the forum is at midnight, night of Thursday Sept. 21, central time.
Michael Mark
Michael Mark

1 Response

Jim McCullough
Jim McCullough

September 20, 2023

How do I become a silver pick member?

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