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Banjo Ben's Eefing Contest!

by Ben Clark April 02, 2020 1 Comment

Banjo Ben's Eefing Contest!

Let's have an EEFING CONTEST!!!! WOOHOO! 

Congrats to our winners!!!

Best Skill - Allie Garen!
Runner Up - Macy Garen!

Overall Entertainment - Mark Rocka!
1st Runner Up - Aaron Paulus!
2nd Runner Up - Mark Cory!

Winner(s): Two winners will be chosen by 3 judges which are Banjo Ben, Jake, and a surprise celebrity judge. One winner will be the best Eefing entry, judged on their Eefing performance (speed, technique, etc). The second winner will be the one that is the most entertaining! Get creative, folks! Break out a costume! Add a dance! Embarrass family members! 

Prize: Each winner will receive a $100 gift card to the General Store (WOW!).

Eefing Lesson: HERE

Access the lesson by creating a free Silver Pick membership HERE.

Contest Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 9, at 11:59PM Central


  • Lesson Link: EEFING LESSON


  •  Access the lessons by creating a free Silver Pick membership HERE.

  • Post entries to social media with hashtag #eefingwithbanjoben
  • Contest Winners Announced: Friday, April 10, at 5PM Central 


    • Must submit video link to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram by Thursday, April 9, at 11:59PM Central.
    • Must use hashtag #eefingwithbanjoben on all platforms so I can find your entry! If it doesn't have the hashtag, it doesn't count!
    • Eef to the best of your eefing ability along with any MP3 practice track found HERE.
    • Practice track is required. See next rule.
    • Use one of the practice track MP3’s on the lesson page to record with. The speed doesn’t matter–you choose!
    • The practice tracks are only 8 measures long, but that's all you need! You must Eef the entire 8 measures.
    • Video submissions must allow me to hear and see you EEF.
    • Winners to be announced both here and on social media Friday, April 10 at 5pm Central.
    • All contest participants give permission for me to possibly share their name, general location, and video submission both here and to social media.


    Do I have to be a Gold Pick member? A: No, but you must submit video link here which requires you to at least create a free Silver Pick account. You can do that HERE.

    Do I have to use a practice track MP3 from your site to play along with? A: Yes, I want to encourage use of that resource for practice.

    Do I have to Eef perfectly? A: No, your submission can have mistakes. I want you to try!

    How do I submit my video? A: Upload to YouTube, facebook, Instagram and use #eefingwithbanjoben.

    How are the winners chosen? A: The winners are selected by the 3 judge panel.

    If you have questions, please submit them below or contact support HERE

Ben Clark
Ben Clark

1 Response

James Catanzaro
James Catanzaro

May 25, 2020

Hi Ben:
Do you know where I can purchase a 11 3/8" Banjo head? Its an odd size that I cannot locate. I need it for my fathers banjo restoration.
I appreciate any help you can give me.

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