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Banjo Ben's BANJO-ONLY Cabin Camp: Texas Farm! October 24-26, 2024!

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I'm taking my BANJO-ONLY camp BACK to the Texas farm! Expect a Texas-sized time with plenty of brisket BBQ & bluegrass!

3-Finger Banjo: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced!

INSTRUCTORS: Alan Munde, Bill Evans, and myself (Banjo Ben).

Banjo Ben's farm near Kilgore, Texas!

$899 each, supper guest passes available for purchase!

Skill Level:I've got classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced 3-finger banjo pickers. Here are more descriptions of the skill levels:

Beginner 3-finger class: Don't need much banjo experience, but you do need some. Don't worry, I make it easy! Simply watch and do your best to learn the following lessons on the site: Banjo Boot Camp, Banjo Hand Positions, Pickin' Your Banjo Picks, How to Read Banjo Tab, Basic Major Chords, Banjo Roll Studies, & Basic Banjo Backup. You don't have to have these lessons mastered before camp, but be familiar with the concepts and ready to learn more!

Intermediate 3-finger class: Prerequisite is to be able to play solos with tabs, be able to play basic rhythm, and ready to explore improvisation and higher intermediate techniques. 

Advanced 3-finger class: You need to be confident to take solos in jams and learn new songs. You need to be able to play intermediate speeds easily and be ready to explore advanced backup and solo techniques.

Note: If you arrive at camp and feel the need to switch skill levels, you are generally free to move around...don't sweat it, just do your best to register at the correct level. 

Atmosphere:This camp is an intimidation-free zone! No one will be put on the spot or made to feel dumb! Mess ups are encouraged, because that means you're trying. I mess up all the time, haha. 

Preparation:I will help you prepare! I'll send you some tunes we'll be working on, as well as other tips to get you ready. 

Here's a look at last year's banjo-only camp in Texas:


I keep it small. I want to actually get to know you and join you on your pickin' journey. I'll have some of the BEST instructors in the biz, who happen to be my best friends: Alan Munde, Bill Evans, and myself (Banjo Ben) will teach. 

The price is $899, which includes:

  • Small group sessions and personal attention!
  • 6 excellent meals!
  • Over $150 in gear & accessories!

Price does not include:

  • Lodging, which is amply available at nearby hotels. 
  • Breakfasts for the 3 days. 
  • Travel to/from Kilgore

Cancellation policy:All cancellations will incur a 3.5% processing fee. There will be a $250 cancellation fee beginning on July 24, 2024; no refunds after August 24, 2024. If for some reason the event is not able to be held, refunds will be given to those who cannot reschedule.


  1. Can I bring my family or friends? You may purchase supper guests passes. These guests will be welcome to join us for supper around 6PM and after-supper activities. They will not be able to attend the camp during the day. 
  2. Should I fly or drive? That's up to you! The closest airport to the farm is KGGG in Longview, TX, and is an American Eagle destination. We are also 2 hours east of DFW & Love Field.
  3. What happens if it rains? I have facilities that will accommodate ;) 
  4. What will the weather be like? Might be a little chilly, but it'll be beautiful!
  5. Can I bring more than one instrument? You can, but you'll need to commit to one instrument for the learning portion of the camp. When it comes to jamming, you can play whatever you want!

    If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).