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Pre-Owned Hinde Acoustic Guitar With Case

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What a bluegrass machine!  Huge dry tone, quick responsiveness, solid rhythm, clear leads, easy playability, just about every thing you want to the highest degree in a mahogany bluegrass guitar.  

Many big time bluegrass pros are starting to play this custom brand!  With a new price typically around $5000+, this one is a great deal and priced to sell!

Listen to what the builder has to say about his construction process…“I use the highest grades of material for the construction. I use hot hide glue for most of the construction, especially anything that is in the sound box. I prefer to use a varnish finish for several reasons. I want a thin flexible finish that is durable. I use oil based varnish with a tru oil top coat on most instruments. I also do oil based varnish with French polished top coats or full Shellac varnish if desired for the traditional approach or nitrocellulose lacquer for guitars for a tougher finish. I have the utmost respect for the vintage construction and design from the past, but I also think the materials and technologies we have today afford even higher levels of quality. I embrace commonly accepted materials for certain instruments, but I believe there are opportunities using different woods and materials to enhance the aesthetic and tonal qualities.

Ease of play and tuning. This is my primary goal for the client. The instruments must be easy to play, stay in tune, every note on the board as clear as the rest up and down the neck.  I use the highest quality tuners, highest quality nut and saddle materials, accurate fret work and accurate setup to reach this goal. These instruments are intended to be in the hands of musicians.  Most components are made by 'hand". I use very few machines. 

Balanced, consistent tonal qualities to provide the player with the power and sound qualities they desire.  I flex and tap every top and back, to get a feel for the response and musical qualities. I constantly look for improvements in volume, sustain, projection, and tone. I adjust arching, thicknesses, gradations and bracing to get the best sound the materials can provide.”

This particular guitar has had the bridge reset by the maker at one point for better intonation, and the frets are in good shape.  It’s ready to go.  

Includes full setup, free shipping within the lower 48, and original hardshell case (case has a little chip in it).  


If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).