Tone-Gard for Openback Banjo

This item is an absolute MUST for openback banjos. 

Keeps the back of the banjo away from your body, resulting in a very noticeable boost in tone and volume.  So much of the sound of the banjo can be muffled by your belly!  This contraption is especially helpful when standing or using a strap.  It easily installs by slipping inside the back of the banjo and is slightly adjustable.  It’s also slightly radiused outward to ensure the open back of your banjo stays open.  Rubber and leather pads are in place to protect the instruments finish.  Also fits inside most cases, so removal isn't necessary. Available in 11 inch and 12 inch.  Choose option below.  Not recommended for instruments with varnish finish, unless your like me and don’t worry too much about those kinds of things.  


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