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ProPik® Finger Picks Reso Series

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Designed with resonator guitar (dobro) players in mind.  These picks have a slight blade angle considered optimal for pulling good resonator tone.  Choose option best for you from variant box.  
(Sold per individual pick)
READ BELOW FOR EXPLANATION OF THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PROPIK MODELS.  Use the following descriptions to decide which pick type best suits you before finding it on our site.
If ProPik doesn’t make it, then it probably doesn’t exist.  ProPik brand picks offer the largest selection of fingerpicks and thumb picks from any one maker.  They come in a variety of materials, blade profiles and angles, finger band wrap configurations, and sizes.  And many combinations thereof.  Below is a comparison of the different features and how they effect feel and sound.  
Materials - Nickel Silver (the old trusty standard, balances brightness and warmth,) Stainless Steel (the hardest material, brighter tone and longer lasting,) and Brass (softest material for warmer tone and less pick noise.)
Blade Profile - Blade #1, Blade #2, and Blade #3 are all pretty similar, but with #1 being slightly more elongated and narrow for a brighter sound.  Blade #3 is the most rounded and blunt for a fatter tone.  Blade #2 falls in somewhere in the middle of those, and there is also a “Sharpie” blade version that has a sharpened tip for an even brighter tone yet.  
Blade Angles - Propiks come in a few different blade angles as well.  There is your traditional “straight blade” which is what most picks historically are made like, but then they make a couple of angled options too.  The ones listed as “Angle” blade are designed for banjo players specifically and are often called their “fast pick” models.  This angle model takes in to consideration the angle most folks fingers naturally reach toward the strings, and then angles the blade of the pick slightly to compensate for that.  The result being that you are able hit the string with a more solid, straight on attack.  The “Reso” models are also angled, but to the opposite direction because of how resonator guitar (dobro) players approach the strings.  
Finger Band Variations - This deals with how that band is made which wraps around your finger.  There are only a couple of variations here, “single wrap” and “split wrap.”  The single wrap is a traditional wider single band that wraps around your finger, and the split wrap is “split” and wraps around your finger with a couple smaller bands on each side.  Many folks love the comfort of the split wrap because of how it manages to avoid digging in to their fingers as much.  
Special Series - There are also several special series too, such as “Clawhammer” model (which has a flat blade and is designed to be worn backwards for frailing) and “Fingertone” which has the entire pad of the blade skeletonized, leaving only the very circumference of the blade for picking with.  We further describe any special series picks on our specific product pages as far as what makes them unique.  
Sizes -Most Propiks are going to be a standard (1 size fits most, listed as large) but there are sizes on our site for folks with smaller fingers as well, listed under medium and smaller sizes.
Thumbpicks - ProPik also makes a wide variety of thumbpicks in different materials, sizes, and blade check those out on our site too.  

If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).