Snark Tuner Mount for 5-String Banjo

This gadget is way cool, and you know how we banjo players like our gadgets! 

Simply clip it between the J-Hooks on your banjo, then pop the ST-8 Snark Tuner (sold seperately) off of it's clip and snap it right on to this bracket.  The whole process takes a few seconds and the end result is a really slick looking, onboard tuner for your banjo.  This eliminates the need for a tuner hanging off your headstock and moves it down closer to the banjo for more accurate tuning and better visibility.

(Intended for 24 bracket banjos, just count your J-hooks to know what you have.) Will not fit Deering Goodtime series.  

If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).

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