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Banjo Ben LIVE!

by Ben Clark October 14, 2022

Banjo Ben LIVE!

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SEPTEMBER 26 at 7:00pm CT

from Banjo Ben's General Store
with legendary picker



Alan Munde !

This live lesson is all about banjo backup! Alan is one of the most prolific & inventive backup players in history. He'll teach basic backup concepts as well as his unique stylistic approach!

Where is the class?
I'll send you a private ticket after you register that will have the video link for the lesson!  

Who should take this class? 
Anyone who is interested in learning from legendary banjo picker Alan Munde. If you know Alan, you know this will be a valuable time together! I'd say it's more of an intermediate to advanced session, but even beginners will pick up a lot of wisdom. Plus, remember that you can play this lesson later as your understanding grows. So, here's your chance to learn from a legend, no matter your skill level!

What are we gonna do?
I'll have some of Alan's top notch playing tabbed out for you (which you can download later!), and we'll talk through some of my and Alan's favorite performances and recordings of his. I want to know what Alan was thinking and what he was doing, and we'll have him there to walk us through it all! Plus, we will pick some, of course!

How long does the class last?
This single class will last about an hour. And don't worry if you can't make the class as it streams or if you have a goldfish's memory...we'll publish it where you'll have access to watch over and over!

What if I can't make the live event? Can I watch it later? 
You bet! I'm recording it and will send you a private link after the completion. This also helps those of you who can watch live. Don't worry about taking notes and remembering everything Alan can always go back and review. Instead, I want you to come, relax, learn at your own speed, and have fun! We'll also do some fun giveaways and surprises!

Does each individual viewer need to have their own ticket? 
Well, that depends. I require that each device have their own ticket. If you and your friend or family watch together on one device, that's great! But, please don't share the event ticket with other folks. Want to buy access for someone else? Sure! Just contact us here!

How do I watch?
Great question! Purchase a ticket from this page and you will be emailed a virtual e-ticket. It will have a link to the event page where you'll be able to access the video feed for the upcoming class. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with a stable connection to the internet!


Banjo Ben LIVE
with Special Guest
Alan Munde



Banjo Ben LIVE
with Special Guest
Cody Kilby




Banjo Ben LIVE
with Special Guest
Kenny Smith



Banjo Ben LIVE
with Special Guest
Russ Carson


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Ben Clark
Ben Clark

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