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Banjo Ben DEALS

by Ben Clark March 02, 2023 1 Comment

Banjo Ben DEALS

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Ben Clark
Ben Clark

1 Response


June 16, 2023

IN A WORD "SIMPLY HILARIOUS " !!! Actually that’s 2 words but … LOL TO TEARS !!! With a staff like that how could anyone not possibly have a profitable company and support a family a family as well ? LOL !!!?
Is there any chance you could adopt me or possibly find a position of employment in your store? I’m not willing to travel since I’m retired but will work from home every other day of the week, every other week, during months with 30 days. I do need July and August off for paid vacation.
Also since you’re a true American patriot, I’d like a new vehicle every 2 yrs. as a way for you to express your gratitude for service rendered.
Given the content of the above videos, I believe these terms would be highly acceptable and, with the absence of Justin, looks like you should have a critical vacancy. I look forward to hearing from you shortly if not sooner, so I can further determine if I will accept the position offered. Thanks so much and, just as an added “food for thought” on your end, I would be willing to negotiate the new vehicle every 2 year option to every
2 1/2 yrs.
P.S. I thought I spotted Justin on one of the corners at our local mall holding up a sign that made no sense at all !!! Unfortunately I was mistaken as it was just a broken tree limb with a piece of torn trash bag hanging on it.

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