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Spillwater Drive Bluegrass CD

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“As Bluegrass enters it’s 9th decade as the ultimate amalgamate American roots music form based above all else on originality, Spillwater Drive is one of the new breed of contemporary Bluegrass bands that play all their instruments with drive and great tone, and write and sing their own songs.  I hope you enjoy the great band chemistry and original spirit of Spillwater Drive as much I do.“  -Tim Stafford (Blue Highway)

Hot off the, uh...machine that prints out cd’s and stuff...whatever that thing is called.  This is the debut bluegrass album from Spillwater Drive!  It features 9 brand new songs written/co-written by the band (after they learned to read of course, but Adam still signs “X”) as well as a traditional instrumental and 2 live bonus tracks that are only available on the cd.  Another advantage of getting this physical copy is that it works great as a coaster, effectively warding off ugly water rings on your favorite beverage resting place!  Can’t do that with a download or streaming service can ya?  (Rhetorical question, don’t answer.)

But, if you insist, you can also find it most places where music is sold and streamed online (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music) though you will lose the aforementioned bonus tracks and recreational frisbee function by going that route. 

Half of the Spillwater Drive band works in the General Store here, and they said if they could sell some of these cd’s they might be able to finally afford one of those fancy 4 seat tandem bicycles so they can get to their gigs a little quicker than they are now...because they’re currently having to take turns on a 2 seater.   

Track Listing:

01. Hard Times - B. Stogdill, J. Stogdill (2:52)
02. Johnny Irish - B. Stogdill, J. Stogdill (3:12)
03. 1862 - A. Ash, J. Stogdill (3:33)
04. Destination Nowhere Bound - G. Cook (3:37)
05. Plain Old Lonesome Truth - G. Cook (3:24)
06. Daddy’s Dream - H. Rose, J. Stogdill, B. Stogdill (4:29)
07. Another Day Alone - B. Stogdill, J. Stogdill, D. Hayworth (2:33)
08. Old Ragged Bible - G. Cook, D. Ridinger (3:58)
09. Silas Amel’s Whiskey - B. Stogdill, J. Stogdill (3:21)
10. Sally Ann - Trad. Arr. by Spillwater Drive (1:43)
11. Tennessee 1949 (Live) - P. Goble, L. Drumm, Brandykeg Publishing (3:50)
12. Loneliness And Desperation (Live) - W. Garris, Markyle Music (3:02)


Adam Ash - Vocals, Banjo, Guitar (Track 3)
Sam Cobb - Vocals, Mandolin 
Gary Cook - Vocals, Upright Bass
Jake Stogdill - Vocals, Guitar, Clawhammer Banjo (Track 3)

All tracks were recorded in a way which accurately captures the sound of the band.  No fancy computer trickery such as auto tune or pitch correct here.  It was done this way in the name of genuinity, so as a result there are plenty of real live genuine mistakes for the critics to have something to listen to as well!  How neat that there’s something for everyone huh?!  Basically, it’s just meant to feel homey and authentic, like you’re sitting right there on the back porch listening in the warm evening if it’s further atmospheric enhancements you seek, just inquire about the additional “release the mosquitos” package for an even more authentic listening experience.
Lastly, this cd comes with a full money back guarantee...guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust, run up your britches leg sideways, bite the baby, chip, crack, or peel.  Comes complete with everything you need for hours of listening pleasure, batteries not included!
Disclaimer: Warranty is void if this cd is purchased, stolen, given as a gift, lost, looked at, played in a player, stored on a shelf, or otherwise used in any other way whatsoever.

Thanks so much folks, and enjoy!!!

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