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Nechville Phantom Galaxy 5 String Mahogany Banjo With Case

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This banjo is a great option for a player who is looking for something innovative and modern, but also demands all the crispness, tone, and projection necessary to drive a bluegrass band.  

The Galaxy Phantom has long since been a favorite of mine and is considered a flagship of the Nechville line.  It has all the Nechville innovations that make these banjos so great and sought after.  The mahogany neck and resonator on this banjo lends to its sweet, dry, and balanced tone.

With the 7”-12” compound radius, the banjo plays so naturally and easily fits the fall of your fingers.  What this means is that the radius of the board gets more gradual as you get higher on the neck.  This compensates for the strings being farther apart in those upper registers.  This one also sports the tunnel 5th string which gets that 5th string tuner out of your way and moves it up onto the headstock with the other tuners so it no longer has to be lonely.  Other innovations include the Heli-Mount System which ensures an even head tension at all times and the quick adjustment neck system which makes changing the neck angle a very quick and simple process.

Includes Pro Setup, 5th String Spikes, Hardshell Case, and Free Shipping.


  • Mahogany Neck and Resonator
  • Tunnel 5th String
  • Radiused Neck with Compund 7”-12”
  • Galaxy Inlay
  • Black Heli-Mount Frame 
  • Pro 20 Hole Tonering
  • Cyclotronic System
  • 3 Ply Maple Rim
  • Hardshell Case Included  

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