D'Addario NS Micro Banjo Tuner

We who play the banjo spend half our time tuning, and the other half playing out of tune!  But now we can do so with utmost efficiency and style, haha!

All joking aside, this little guy is way cool.  It attaches easily and functions flawlessly on all banjos we’ve tried it on.  Simply choose which tension hook to center the tuner on and pop it in place by sliding the two “non-marring” bands under the two tension hooks on each side.  It only takes a few seconds, easy!

The benefit of using this tuner is that it’s closer to the banjo head, meaning it’s going to read more accurately and be easier to see.  Not to mention it gets that tuner off your headstock so it fits more easily in the case!

  • Type: Chromatic
  • Format: Snap on
  • Display Type:Bright LED
  • Reference Pitch: 435Hz-455Hz
  • Function: Piezo sensor pickup
  • Batteries: 1 x CR2032 lithium battery


If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).