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Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler

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Easily figure out what spacing and height your bridge is, or use this as a guide to help make or alter your own!  Designed so it can be used on fully functioning bridges while on the banjo!

The Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler is here! Have you ever picked up a bridge out of your case or your stash and wondered what was the height? What is the string spacing? Then you had to go looking for a ruler and try to position it so you could read it? What a hassle! Well, this will get the job done and eliminate all the guesswork. Every banjo player, buyer, seller, setup guy or banjo owner needs one of these in their case or on their workbench! 

The Dotson Banjo Bridge Rulerhas the 6 most common bridge heights laid out for you from 1/2″ all the way through 3/4″ as well as helping you to instantly identify standard or Crowe string spacing! This one simple ruler will identify the measurements of 99% of all 5-String banjo bridges ever manufactured! You can even tell if you are using a bridge that isn’t quite a standard size or spacing… there are a LOT of them out there!

If you are buying a banjo or running a professional setup shop, this tool will become a vital part of your everyday life...we use them every day! The Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler is a marked improvement over the hard-to-read, standard ruler for measuring Banjo Bridges, on or off the instrument!

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