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Dr. Arm Banjo Armrest - Mini (slim) - (Choose Variant)

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These things are beautiful.  Exquisite woods and nice rounded construction, much more contoured than the standard flat metal armrests.  This makes for a very comfortable armrest which also looks fantastic.  It’s also great for those who may have a nickel allergy, since this would eliminate contact with nickel on the forearm.   

Mounts by removing the existing armrest and slipping this one in place.  Includes all needed hardware and instructions.  These fit a standard 11” pot 24 bracket banjo, so basically for your standard bluegrass banjo, but this one is “mini” which would probably be better described as “slim”.  It’s just a little more narrow than the standard one.

I was impressed with how secure the fit is, with the only exception being if your banjo has a high crown head which has stretched, and thus the tension hoop is sitting below the crown of the head…it’s not quite as solid.  It really needs a little bit of a lip there for this to lock in place and grab on properly.  So just make sure your tension hoop is higher than the head.  If not, installing a medium crown head would remedy this.  Otherwise, installation is a breeze.  

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