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Dr Herringbone's Tone Traveler V2 Instrument Sound Aging System

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 These things really work!  And this is the best version of such a device that we have found.  Truly an incredible price of modern tech which will make your instrument sound older, more resonant, and more open.  

The Tone Traveler V2 offers the most advanced set of instrument play-in tools ever offered in one package. The Tone Traveler V2 uses the fundamental notes and corresponding overtones of your instrument to improve its tone, not just subsonic vibrations. It actually simulates playing your instrument.

 The Tone Traveler includes 5 individual interfaces designed to condition the following instruments:








Included in your Tone Traveler package:
  • A Tone Traveler speaker and speaker clamp
  • A specially designed tablet that seamlessly pairs with your speaker unit and runs the Tone Traveler application
  • The Tone Traveler Application pre-installed and configured. The Tone Traveler is a plug and play system.
  • All required charging cables

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