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Gold Tone FitsAll Banjo Damper

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This is a wonderful and intuitive to install device to  change the tonal characteristics of your banjos.  Works on virtually all banjos with a round rod, this includes dual or single rod banjos, and also works well with dowel stick banjos.  Fits inside out of the way and really mellows out the tone, and cuts volume.  Nicely constructed of hardwood and leather, this is great addition to any banjo arsenal.  

**May not fit unique or custom banjos which are “non standard”  

Introducing the FitsAll Banjo Damper - a revolutionary product that's unlike any other banjo accessory on the market. Unlike an old rag or sock, the FitsAll Banjo Damper is designed to adjust your banjo's volume while also controlling overtones. This ensures that you can produce a clean and pure sound. The FitsAll Banjo Damper is compatible with any banjo type using a dowel rod or single/double coordinator rods, making it a versatile option for most all banjos. It's designed to fit snuggly in between your banjo head and rods/dowel and can easily be taken in and out within seconds. The damper's full 2" diameter leather damping surface is made from high-quality full-grain leather, ensuring a superior level of durability and performance.

The rustic, sturdy construction of the FitsAll Banjo Damper adds a touch of elegance to any banjo, making it a perfect addition to your banjo accessories. You can easily adjust the damper's tension against the head and or its position on the head to achieve the perfect volume and tone that you desire. The FitsAll Banjo Damper not only provides a better alternative to old rags or traditional mutes, but it also enhances your banjo's sound by eliminating clashing overtones in note sustain that make banjos sound brash and unnaturally brassy. This feature gives your banjo a more organic tone, rounds out the notes, and adjust the volume when playing in different settings. It's a game-changer in the world of banjo accessories and an essential addition to any banjo player's toolkit. With its unique features and superior performance, the FitsAll Banjo Damper allows you to effortlessly enhance your sound and take your music to the next level. The kit includes two extension adapters, allowing a variety of heights between 1" - 2.5". It comes in a clear-lid accessory screw-top tin for easy storage.

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