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Gregg Welty “Community” Bluegrass CD

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50 Artists. 30 Studios. The Largest Collaborative Bluegrass Project Ever.

"This is what the Bluegrass Community is all about."

 Featuring: Shawn Lane, Steve Gulley, Josh Shilling, Paul Brewster, Summer McMahon, John Meyer, Eli Johnston, Jesse Smathers, Buddy Robertson, Rick Faris, Caleb Cox, David Mayfield, Jason Tomlin, Nick Dumas, Mike Rogers, Bailey Coe, Daniel Thrailkill, Jacob Greer, Zack Arnold, Robert Russel, Jake Vanover, Avery Welter,  Zach Alvis, Jim Scott, Jake Patty, Hershel Blevins, Daniel Wright, Bernie Cunningham, John McNaughton, Toby Hammond, Vern Ahlgren

^ And that's just the vocalists! 

Also featuring: Michael Cleveland, Jake Workman, Tony Wray, Troy Boone, Cory Piatt, Harry Clark, Stephen Burwell, Gaven Largent, Jeff Partin, Jed Clark, Doug Young, Mitch Meadors, Josh Hicks, Jay Shuler & MORE

If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).