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John Pearse Fast Turtle Flat Pick

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Get great authentic tortoise tone at a fraction of the cost!

Genuine shell has been the golden standard for flatpicks for many years.  But it’s expensive and hard to come by.  These are made of protein grown in a lab and are molecularly nearly identical to the real thing.   

The shape is unique too.  There are three different corners to produce three different tones.  This makes the pick easier to hold on to as well with its elongated shoulder and point.  Just a great pick for the money and highly recommended to have in your pick rotation.  Thickness is 1.2mm.

Note: Just like real tortoise shell, this picks are subject to “moisture warping” and can break if enough torque is applied.  So just keep pick clean and dry when not in use and don’t purposely try to break it and you should be fine for a while, but they do warp (which is even common when brand new with this material) and will eventually break if used for long enough.  


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