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L.R. Baggs Radius Mandolin Pickup

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 The easiest way to install a pickup on your mandolin and still get a good natural tone!  Very easy to install and operate, no special tools or knowledge needed.  Easily do it yourself! 

The Radius mandolin pickup is a hi-tech contact sensor that was designed to emulate the sound of a mic without the instability associated with microphones. The pickup installs easily to the instrument with mounting putty that is non-destructive to its finish. Inside of the pickup’s housing is a highly flexible film sensor that responds much like a mic diaphragm. The sensor is held in equilibrium and damped by opposing neodymium magnets that allow the pickup to respond to the instruments most subtle nuances.  Simply install the jack on the bottom of the mandolin in the same way a violin shin rest attaches.  Then, using provided adhesive, stick the sensor to the top of the mandolin behind the treble foot of the mandolin bridge. 


Radius pickup

Mounting putty

Clear adhesive pads

Permanent VHB pads

External jack mount


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