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Martin & Co. MTR13 Retro Monel Nickel Acoustic Tony Rice Signature Guitar Strings

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Such a pure tone, and you really can hear some of those subtle nuances of Tony’s playing when using these strings for yourself.  

Gauges are standard medium 13-56, and the nickel alloy mellows quickly and lasts a long time without tarnishing.   

Tony Rice is an iconic Bluegrass player who during the 1960's loyally played his 1935 Clarence White D-28 armed with Martin Monel strings. His favorite aspect of the strings were how they did not change the timber of the guitar. In the 1970's, the Martin Monel strings became unavailable but Tony still sought out the sound of the Martin Monels with other manufacturers.  

The Martin Guitar sound engineers worked closely with Tony to perfect and bring back the sound he so dearly loved. After hard work and dedication from both parties, Tony was finally able to welcome back the sound of his old friend. The Martin Monel strings now bear the name "Tony Rice Signature Strings" and are part of the Martin Artist Choice line.

The nickel based alloy allows for a vintage and warm sound to flow from the sound hole beginning at the very first strum.


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