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“Mojo Stick” Full Scale Diatonic 3-String Dulcimer Strum Stick

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Hand made right here in the Missouri Ozarks, just up the road, by “Missouri Joe” (hence “Mojo”).

These things are so much fun to play around with.  They have a very traditional dulcimer sound in a lot of ways, but are much easier to play by holding it in more of a guitar style.  Each one is completely handmade with common hand tools using solid woods like walnut, maple, redwood cedar, beach, etc…

There are three basic variations explained below which you can find on our site.  Just make sure the title on the page matches the one you are looking for.  All models can be strung just with a basic set of banjo strings.  Each one comes fully setup and ships for free in the lower 48 US.

The three models are as followed. 

“Mojo Stick” Short Scale Diatonic 3-String Dulcimer Strum Stick -  This one is a handy size and just sings out like a bird!  The three string tuning can be done several different ways (as a dulcimer) but it likes to be roughly in the range of G.  Because of the open tuning and diatonic scale (meaning frets are removed to take away wrong notes) these are easy to learn to play.  Maybe the easiest instrument to put in the hands if a non musician.  You can just move one finger along one string while not knowing anything, and strumming with the right hand, and it will sound like music. 

 “Mojo Stick” Full Scale Diatonic 3-String Dulcimer Strum Stick - This one is a bit longer than the short scale version, so lower tunings such as D are doable.  As such it has a deeper and mellower tone, but it’s still just as easy to play with the open tuning and diatonic scale.  

Mojo Stick” Full Scale Chromatic 4-String Dulcimer Strum Stick - This one is more of the specialty instrument for the “already” player.  It has all the frets so it’s a little easier to make a mistake.  Haha.  And it also has 4 strings which can either be tuned like a banjo (without the 5th string) or a guitar depending on what suits ya.   

Note: Exact appearance from instrument to instrument can vary, since these are all hand made.  As such you can find minor imperfections or tool marks here or there, but that’s just evidence of being hand worked.  And in our opinion, that’s one of the things that give these great little instruments their “mojo.”


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