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Pre-Owned Original Vintage Gibson Byrdland Electric Guitar With Case And Accessories

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Okay y’all!  This is an awesome one right here!  An original Gibson Byrdland owned by Dean Webb of The Dillards (The Darlin Boys from Andy Griffith).  

This thing is so cool, and rare, and valuable in every sense of the word.  I’ve talked with some experts on these guitars and it is absolutely authentic and original, but it comes with a few caveats which is going to make the price a little more affordable than what these typically bring!  I’ve shown this guitar to a few experts on the topic and that all agree that is authentic and original, but for some reason along the way somebody has scraped out the serial number on the label (see picture). I knew Dean personally and he said it was like this when he acquired the guitar decades ago.  So that’s one little head scratcher which decreases the value some.  The number on the back of the headstock appears to be SN# 832041 but it’s really hard to tell for sure because it was faintly struck (which isn’t unheard of in this era).  So I can’t tell if it’s a late 1950’s model or 1960’s.

Everything works, it plays great, and sounds great!  And it’s in pretty dang good shape!  No notable damage to speak of or any cracks or anything.  Ready to just plug and play.  Also includes the rest of Dean’s electric gear, a vintage Fender Vibro Champ Amp (a valuable piece of gear by itself) as well as a vintage Peterson strobe tuner, and cables and such.  Everything you need for that pure, rare, and so sought after vintage tone!

Its name derives from the names of guitarists Billy Byrd and Hank Garland for whom Gibson originally custom-built the guitar.

Includes Hardshell Case, Full Professional Setup, and Free Shipping within the lower 48 US.  


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