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Rickard Cyclone 10:1 High Ratio 5-String Banjo Tuners - Set of 5

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This is a bold statement, I know, but these are undoubtedly the best banjo tuners we have ever used!

The 10:1 turning ratio makes for the most accurate and precise tuning machine you will ever experience.  No more quick jumping and finicky tuners.  A banjo is hard enough to keep in tune as is.  In addition the the advantage of the 10 to 1 gear ratio, these are exquisitely made and finished.  And the overall feel during tuning is completely buttery smooth, unlike many tuner types which feel like they have gravel in the gears.  These ain’t cheap, but the best usually isn’t.  Find out why the pros are switching to these on every banjo they own!

Full sets of 5.  The fifth string peg has a matching button but is a Gotoh made for Rickard at a 13:1 ratio.  These sets are available in a variety of button and plating options (the gold plating on these are lighter, sort of a vintage worn wash, if bright deep yellow is desired the brass tuners may be a better match) so choose which one best suits you!

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