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Snuffy Smith "Compression Compensated" Bridge for 5-String Banjo

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A Banjo Ben “First To Offer” Exclusive!  This new bridge design is made to “compensate” for the “compression” that happens to a bridge under string tension.  

So first off, to be clear, the thing that is being “compensated” on these bridges isn’t the intonation like what you would normally think when seeing the word.  It’s the compression that occurs to a bridge under string tension which is being compensated for on this model.  

This is achieved by a slight radius in the top cap piece, and the middle foot is cut ever so slightly shorter.  This forces the outer legs to take on more of an equal weight distribution, balancing out more evenly across all three feet.  Also, the head divot is more shallow and more elongated because of more equal leg weight distribution.  

Snuffy Smith Bridges are one of, if not the best sounding bridges of all time.  In our testing these hold up to that reputation.  

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