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ToneSlabs JS Signature Tri-Drop Darth Tone Triangle Flatpick

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Now in the new “Darth Tone” PEI material!  More durable and longer lasting! 

The JS signature tri-drop pick is not quite like anything else on the market, and it’s awesome for it!  The signature Tri-Drop shape gives it all the attack and ease of play as a teardrop pick, but with the other advantages of being three cornered too.  Read the description to hear more details on “why” and see if it would be a good fit for you too!

“I’ve always found the larger triangle picks to be a bit bulbous and unwieldy, and for me personally they always felt clunky to use. So for a long while now I’ve shaped my own out of various other picks and materials, and I make them just a bit smaller and with straighter, less rounded sides. This makes the pick so much easier to articulate and hang on to for me, plus the attack is improved. Basically it becomes a tear drop shaped tip profile, but with the all the advantages of being three cornered on top of that. I’ve come to call this shape a “Tri-Drop” and nothing quite like it can be found from any other manufacturers.

David from ToneSlabs reached out to me and asked me which of their picks I had been using, I explained to him that I bought a regular triangle one and shaped it down to what I prefer, and he was just immediately like “yeah, let’s make it.” So naturally I wasn’t gonna turn down an offer to let one of the best pick companies in the business today make a signature model pick for me…which I don’t have to shape and sand myself.

Beyond the slightly different shape, the material they use for these picks is just so satisfying to play with. It’s hard to put sound into words in the first place, but with these it’s more than that. There’s a certain “texture” to the tone which is very pleasing, not to mention the fullness and clarity. I feel like these really have it all.

The JS signature Tri-Drop pick will be available only at Banjo Bens General Store. 

And while we are unpacking the philosophy of a good pick, it’s important to consider that $35 really isn’t all that much for an upgrade considering how much we spend on our instruments, setups, capos, tuners, strings, etc…and even other high end picks.  Plus, these picks are incredibly high end!  They have about the nicest finish and bevel consistency of any picks out there.  They sit well in your hand and really stick to your fingers.  The tone is crisp and clear, while still pulling an impressive amount of depth out of your instrument and allowing the subtleties of each attack on the string to be easily conveyed.  The playing action on these is equally impressive, the pick glides across the strings smooth as glass and gives each note a nice “pop” with a defined front edge to the note, thus helping with note separation.  This material is really effortless to use, and makes you just feel connected to the pick and the instrument.  You don’t have to force anything, the picks do the work for you.  In short, I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone who is tone conscious and appreciates such things.  They may not necessarily completely replace your other high end boutique picks, depending on your preference, but I think you’ll find these offer you a feel and sound that no other pick does exactly.  I know that myself personally and pretty much the entire staff here at the general store have already taken the money out of our pockets and replaced it with these fine picks.  And there’s no regret in sight.”  -Jake Stogdill 

If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).