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ToneSlabs "Oh Seven" Rounded Jazz 207 Flatpick

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Similar to Dunlop 207 model pick, with right hand speed bevel on all corners, even shoulders.  

Some of y’all might think it’s silly to get really excited about a flatpick.  But we are REALLY excited about these flatpicks!  They ain’t cheap, but when something like this comes along and can enhance your tone and playing pretty much instantly, you grab one…or two or three!

“And while we are unpacking the philosophy of a good pick, it’s important to consider that $45 really isn’t all that much for an upgrade considering how much we spend on our instruments, setups, capos, tuners, strings, etc…and even other high end picks.  Plus, these picks are incredibly high end!  They have about the nicest finish and bevel consistency of any picks out there.  They sit well in your hand and really stick to your fingers.  ToneSlabs are made of a proprietary material which is not really exactly like anything else I’ve used before.  The tone is crisp and clear, while still pulling an impressive amount of depth out of your instrument and allowing the subtleties of each attack on the string to be easily conveyed.  The playing action on these is equally impressive, the pick glides across the strings smooth as glass and gives each note a nice “pop” with a defined front edge to the note, thus helping with note separation.  This material is really effortless to use, and makes you just feel connected to the pick and the instrument.  You don’t have to force anything, the picks do the work for you.  In short, I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone who is tone conscious and appreciates such things.  They may not necessarily completely replace your other high end boutique picks, depending on your preference, but I think you’ll find these offer you a feel and sound that no other pick does exactly.  I know that myself personally and pretty much the entire staff here at the general store have already taken the money out of our pockets and replaced it with these fine picks.  And there’s no regret in sight.”  -Jake Stogdill

”Note: These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses and are sold individually!  We carry the full line so just find the shape you want first, then on that page you can select the color and thickness using the drop-down box!  All picks are a right handed bevel unless otherwise noted!”

If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).