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Universal Finger Anchor Picking Guide (Pack of 5)

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New designs for more applications!  These are like training wheels for folks trying to learn to keep their fingers planted on the head! 

These nifty little finger anchors greatly help in the task of keeping your pinky and/or ring finger planted.  They eliminate “flying fingers” and the urge for your planted finger(s) to be constantly moving when you are first trying to train them to stay separated from your picking fingers.  

We experimented with the size, shape, and thickness to come up with the best combinations, which can be used for multiple instruments and applications.  It creates a comfortable pocket for your finger to sit in and pull against.  We also chose white as the color so it’s hardly visible (on banjo anyway) really have to take a close look to spot one, especially while in use.

Easy to install, just peel and stick.  These can also be easily modified and trimmed to make for unique combinations of shapes to fit your unique playing style, but most folks will find them comfortable as is.  When removing the anchor from your banjo head, it can remove a little frosting from the head depending on the type of head.  This is only cosmetic and does no harm to your banjo.  Most folks will wear through the frosting where they plant their fingers fairly quickly anyway even without the use of the finger anchors.   

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